We offer a selection of 3 different tasting coffee, our own blend which has a smokey oak taste, Ethiopian that has a hint of blueberries and a Sumatran that has a dark chocolate taste. We also offer some award winning hot chocolates, as well as a range of teas and cakes. The Hot food menu consists of egg and soldiers and a variety of spreads on toast. 

The Experience

We are not your normal coffee house, when you visit us you will be greeted with a choice of coffee. The experienced barista will find out from you exactly how you like your coffee, you don't need to do anything other than sit down and chill out. Everything is taken care of from sugar added to temperature it's served at. This is a high-quality drinking experience at prices the same as high street brands.

Social media

You can find out what the cake of the day will be from our social media the night before. Every day a new cake will be baked fresh and will be a unique, creative with explosive flavour. We welcome photos to be taken and #thebritishcoffeehouse and find us on Facebook.

Arabica Fair Trade Coffee

We are a charity focused on the CONSERVATION of African Wildlife by BUILDING the knowledge and awareness of the COMMUNITY around us


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Owner - Michelle Kokuti

Owner - Ivan Kokuti

Contact Us - TheBritishCoffeeHouse@Gmail.com